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The main conclusion however was that clones would have a soul. Although a clone would possess the identical genes as some other person, it would at any rate have its rights and responsibilities. The arguments about families who can not have children, but who would have the opportunity of having their genetically own child without interference of genes of other people or the arguments connected with treating diseases with the help of cloning are certainly very important for Jews.

We know that it is allowed to break any Jewish law in order to save a life of a person. Thus even if we assume that cloning could be forbidden it would be still allowed in medical purposes in order to save the life of an ill person. For Judaism brining a Jewish child into the world is always considered only positively, no matter which way was used for the process.

Broyde The last religious view we are going to look upon in this paper is Islamic view.

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Muslim religion came to some certain conclusions concerning the issue of cloning. First of all they consider human creation to be a part of sacred will that helps the embryo to develop into a human being. The main debates in Islam concerning cloning is connected with the ways how it will influence the relations between humans.

They are concerned about the social role of parenting as well and the problems of interpersonal relations, which are actually considered to be the basis for human religious life in Islam. Thus human cloning is completely prohibited in Islam religion.

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Medical view. The arguments connected with issue of cloning for medical purposes would be probably appropriate for supporters of cloning as here they can find many reasons for cloning of people. The main ones they are talking about are the possibility of producing organs for transplantation and wonderful chance for couples that are not able to have their own children to have a child with the DNA of one of the parents. These are strong arguments without any doubts, but first of all we know too little about genetics in general in order to surely use it for ill people and these are only positive preconsumptions and secondly it is still not clear till the end what kind of influence the cloning would have on the child himself, whether he would be able to become adequate member of society.

There are some other cases where cloning could be applied for medical purposes. For example for cloning animal models of diseases. Usually the researches learn about diseases from studying animal models, mostly mice. Animals have to be genetically engineered sometimes in order to see the disease — causing mutations.

In this case cloning could reduce the time of making these transgenic models and help to produce the genetically identical animal models for researches. Thus we come to the conclusion that theoretically cloning could bring a lot of positive results and could be of a great help for medicine, but, in case it is studied carefully and the questions like: What are the guarantees that the cloned child will be healthy and absolutely normal?

What could go wrong and how to avoid all risks? And so on are answered. At this very moment is seems not sensible to experiment with children or spare organs for ill people. Concerning the reasons for cloning there were separated the several main arguments.

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Some of them like cloning spare organs and cloning children for mother who are not able to bear them were already mentioned in the paper. There is also an idea to replace a child, who was lost due to a disease or some kind of accident. The next argument is the possibility to duplicate talented and gifted people. It is really hard to imagine the copies of famous people, who were unique individuals, and here again no guarantee that their clones would be able to make great inventions or discoveries, as they would be simply the copies of some human beings, probably they will not be able to go further in their development and thus their creation would turn out to be useless.

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There is even an argument that clones should be created at least as a pure experiment, but here we should take into consideration all the dangers and possible harms to people in case of creation of such clones. Overall, the issue of cloning is a rather versatile and sophisticated problem. As it has a rather long history, cloning has gained a lot of supporters and a lot of opponents, whose statements are based on a great number of different reasons.

It is certainly hard to argue that cloning could play an important role in the development of genetics and could be of a great help for medical usage, but on the other hand this matter confronts a lot by vital moral and psychological issues, which just can not be left aside, as cloning can be viewed as violation of human dignity or religious rules and beliefs, it can lead to development of genetic diseases or other kind of problems.

Thus at this very moment of its development cloning should be maximally restricted and cloning of people should be so far prohibited, at least for some period of time till this process is not studied enough.

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It is legalized to order this type of work as there is no strict violation from educational institution authorities. The student has a right to utilize academic papers free from plagiarism in the next circumstances:. The Ethics of Human Cloning. Table of contents: 1.

Introduction 1. Human dignity 3. Religious perspective 3. Christian views 3. While the US, the EU, Britain and France spoke out against human cloning, prompted by fears that the world has taken a step further towards the nightmare of humans replicated in the lab. The ACT, has hailed it as a great scientific marvel. The new cell was then chemically persuaded to behave like a new embryo and start dividing.

They let it develop for twelve days before destroying it. What is a clone? Is a question to be answered here? A clone is a group of genetically identical cells.

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For example, tumors are clones of cells inside an organism because they consist of many replica of one mutated cell. Another type of clone is made up of groups of identical structures that contain genetic material, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts. Some of these structures, called plasmids, are found in some bacteria and yeasts.

Techniques of genetic engineering enable scientists to combine an animal or plant gene with geneticists can produce many identical copies of the gene. The term also refers to a group of organisms that are genetically identical. Most such clones result from a sexual reproduction, a process in which a new organism develops from only one parent. Thus, all the off springs of a single parent form a clone. Single-celled organisms, such as bacteria, protozoa, and yeast, usually reproduce asexually. Clones of these organisms are useful in research.

For example, various drugs and other compounds can be tested on bacterial clones. All the test bacteria have the same genetic makeup.

an essay on human cloning An essay on human cloning
an essay on human cloning An essay on human cloning
an essay on human cloning An essay on human cloning
an essay on human cloning An essay on human cloning
an essay on human cloning An essay on human cloning

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