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What problems does this cause?

What solutions can you suggest to deal with this? These days more and more people are choosing to improve their appearance with cosmetic surgery. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh any disadvantages? They will likely be some form of the above essays. In this blog we will look at how to organize discussion essays or essays that present two opposing views and ask for your opinion. CAUTION: Before we begin, you should remember that when you are asked to discuss two opposing views, you must put yourself in the shoes of the people who hold each opinion — seeing the issue from both sides of the fence.

Now, while you look at the response to the following task, see if you can identify what each sentence does before you look at the outline below.

Some people believe that the best way to control accidents on city streets is to lower the speed limit but others think there are more important issues that need attention before roads can be safe. There are some that see speeding as the main reason why people are involved in motor vehicle accidents and think that driving slower would solve the problem. Indeed, if people maintained a safe speed throughout the city, the risk and frequency of traffic accidents would clearly be reduced as the faster a car travels, the more damage it can do to whatever it hits.

Many cities around the world adopted very low speed limits over the last decade and there is some evidence that there have been fewer incidents and far fewer serious accidents within the city limits. However, there are others who would say that the problem is more about people driving while distracted and that heavy penalties to address this issue would be more effective in improving the situation.

In my opinion, both views have merit but the best way to solve this problem is to make sure the government provides the funding for law enforcement. Without the manpower and budget for crime detection and policing to catch offenders, many will continue to break the texting and speeding laws if they know they can get away with it. Cities that have allocated enough money to their police force and empowered them to come up with ways to catch distracted and aggressive drivers have made their metropolises safer.

City streets need to be safer for everyone and speeding and distracted drivers are a problem. If the proper funding is given to law enforcement to catch and punish those who break safe driving laws, city dwellers will feel more at ease on the roads. As more and more people drive cars in major cities, the number of serious accidents grow each year. Some people believe that the best way to address this problem is to reduce the speed limit on city streets while others disagree and think that there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed to keep people safe.

Although speeding is an issue, I agree that more needs to be done to ensure that everyone can travel without fear. Sentence 4: Briefly outlines what the writer is going to write about in the paragraphs that follow. This essay will consider the different viewpoints before deciding what is the best solution.

101+ Unique Discussion Essay Topics, Questions and Ideas

In this example, the opinion of the writer is different than the two given opinions but it is also possible to agree with one or both of the opinions provided as well. In this case, you would use the same outline and give further or different support in the fourth paragraph. Here is a template for the discussion essay that you can use to help you practice and learn how to organize your ideas for the exam. More essay formulas to come!

How To Write A Discussion Essay — IELTS ACHIEVE

I hope you find them useful. Good luck and have fun with your preparations. Sentence 2: States which opinion is better or more important in your view. Paragraph Three — Repeat the above for the other viewpoint. Not in Latin America?

This is a great tool and can help you to learn many new words. A good way to say this is to start with For example, ' this essay will discuss both views and state my own position'.

Writing Task 2 Discuss Both Views Essay Lesson

Start the paragraph by introducing the first view View A. This is where you need to have a topic sentence. They want to see your ability to use English at a certain level. You could make up an example from a report, journal, newspaper or University study to support your view. In this paragraph, you should write about your second view View B. Start the paragraph by introducing the view View B. The next sentence s should discuss the view , going into detail. In this paragraph, you should write your opinion.

Start the paragraph by introducing your opinion.

What is a Critical Essay?

You should not enter any new information or ideas in this paragraph. The use of the internet, for example, has become more common and some claim that it has been able to connect people who are far apart, while others argue that its use can lead to social isolation or confinement. This essay will discuss both views and state my own position. Firstly, during the last two decades, there have been many tech developments and advancements, bringing convenience to all.

One significant attribute of this modernization is the internet, while this technology has made our lives more convenient in many aspects, including our approach to communication. In the past, we only used mail or the telephone to send our messages across the globe, whereas today, the internet allows us to reach out to almost everyone in just a few seconds. The inconvenience of long distances is eliminated as we can talk and even see distant friends or relatives for an unlimited time.

For example, the internet connects people whose relatives or families are abroad, through Facebook, Twitter or Skype anytime and anywhere.

Why do we write essays?

Secondly, this technological development has its drawbacks, as it has been observed that some individuals tend to spend a lot of their time surfing the internet or on different social networking sites. Communities meet online via private Facebook groups, instead of in a community hall to discuss matters, since this does not allow them to socialise physically with people, they isolate themselves in this virtual world. Both teenagers and adults use much of their time online and this does not allow them to develop their interpersonal skills. Thirdly, in my opinion, I believe that the internet can bring people closer together, as it can make both socialising and work much easier for those who travel.

discussion essay outline Discussion essay outline
discussion essay outline Discussion essay outline
discussion essay outline Discussion essay outline
discussion essay outline Discussion essay outline
discussion essay outline Discussion essay outline

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