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Getting Inside an Elephant’s Head

The data also show that the destination of the illegally trafficked ivory increasingly shifted to China. The team used the intensive study of the Samburu elephants as a Rosetta stone to translate less detailed information from 45 elephant populations across Africa to estimate natural mortality and illegal killing rates to model population trends for the species. The UN-mandated continental Monitoring of Illegal Killing of Elephants MIKE programme establishes cause of death for each elephant carcass found in these sites, and this has provided the best measure of poaching pressure.

Over the last decade, the proportion of illegally killed elephants has climbed from 25 percent to between 60 percent and 70 percent.

Elephants as actors in the political ecology of human–elephant conflict

Such figures cause conservationists alarm, as the study shows over 54 percent is a level of poaching that elephant birth rates are unable to overcome and will lead to population decline. To establish figures rather than proportions, two types of model were used. One focused on the elephant populations with the best information and used them as an indicator for the conditions in their region of Africa.

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Myanmar Timber Elephant Project

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Individual mean AI was significantly greater in large groups adult females than small groups 2 adult females and solitary females.

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Physiological measures of stress and reproduction were also consistent with the disruptive effects of poaching. Stress levels were highest in groups that lacked an old matriarch, had few closely related adult females, and weak social bonds. Females from genetically disrupted groups, many in their reproductive prime, also had fewer young calves.

Elephant DNA damage control

Log fecal glucocorticoid levels for female elephants according to close relative presence kin or absence none and poaching risk of home range location low and high. Our findings suggest that these are long term consequences of poaching since the distribution in group size has changed little since , though the number of families with tusked old matriarchs increased by Percentage of female elephants in genetically disrupted and intact groups that had an infant. Controversy continues to surround management and trade policies for African elephants.

Results of this study bear directly on this controversy.

Thus, the impacts of renewed illegal trade in elephant ivory or culling as a means of population control in this highly intelligent, tightly knit social species may be far more grave than predicted by economic models alone. This work was part of the doctoral disseration of Kathleen Gobush, Ph. Center for Conservation Biology.

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Effects of poaching on African elephants.

elephants research paper Elephants research paper
elephants research paper Elephants research paper
elephants research paper Elephants research paper
elephants research paper Elephants research paper
elephants research paper Elephants research paper
elephants research paper Elephants research paper

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