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The scholarship may be used to pay for tuition, books, room and board, computers or any Dream Deferred Essay Contest on Civil Rights in gutschein saturn mai the Mideast. The Dream Deferred Essay dream scholarship essay contest Contest is an annual contest that comes from a Langston Hughes poem:We invite students from all over the world to take part in it. However, describing the bedroom action in a personal log of their second and shorter section.

Lotto Draw Christmas Day Pensters hold contests and competitions each year for students' benefits in the form of scholarships. Ffrf student scholarship essay contests. The girl asked if I wanted to sit with her. A wave of relief and gratitude washed over me.

Riding on this wave of happiness, I joined her and her friends and ever since that day I have not had to experience the hollow feeling of loneliness while in a crowded room. In the months following that assembly, we became close friends. She invited me to hang out with her friend group as well as encouraging me to get more involved in school and extracurriculars. The more time I spent with her, the more generosity I experienced and saw. She was the true definition of kindness as she was friendly and considerate of everyone.

Her compassion towards others inspired me to live a selfless life of kindness and compassion. Of the countless people I have talked to, one characteristic that everyone mentioned was her kindness and ability to make everyone feel loved and respected. She made me be a better friend, classmate, teammate, daughter and sister. The way she treated others is what I strive for.

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I knew from the start that she was a kindhearted person, but she was something out of the ordinary. Her small gestures of kindness and compassion might not have changed the world. As I trudged up the cracked, dusty stairs, the only thought on my mind was lunch.

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I had spent the previous two days at refugee camps in Jordan, volunteering through Global Hope Network International, a local Christian aid organization. After spending the morning visiting refugees who had managed to find housing in Amman, I was hungry and my tired feet were ready for a break. Through an open doorway, I could see stacks of birdcages lining the wall in the other room. Then my eyes landed on our host, and my distraction, hunger and weariness melted away. She cheerfully invited us to sit, and we spent the next hour listening as Rami translated her story. Noor was not a Syrian or Palestinian refugee like most of the people we had met, but a native Jordanian who had lost her left foot and ankle to a landmine as a child.

Now well into her 30s, she lived alone with her birds in a tiny third-floor apartment without any prosthetic, moving around only by placing her knee on the seat of a small wooden chair that she dragged along to support herself. My aching feet suddenly felt like a blessing, and as Rami led us in prayer with Noor, I silently thanked God for all of the abilities that He had given me, and for opening my eyes to the plight of others who were less fortunate. She was a bright, animated and otherwise healthy Jordanian citizen, who simply had no access to health care.

With the aid of even the most basic prosthetic, Noor could have lived a full, active life. Instead, she was confined to her apartment, trapped like one of her own pets with clipped wings. The church across the street had agreed to help her, but only if she was able to come to services every week, a feat that was nearly impossible for her from atop three flights of stairs.

It is Noor and the many others like her who lack access to technologically advanced health care that inspire me to pursue a career in biomedical engineering BME.

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I challenged myself in school to make a career in engineering become more of a concrete possibility. I hope to use my future career to welcome people with disabilities into the church and to help them to have a better quality of life in whatever ways I can. When I was in middle school, I had difficulty when it came to making friends and dealing with the stress of school along with family complications.

Oftentimes, I would sit alone outside during lunch and listen to music. One day, I was approached by a smiling girl holding out a large, teal-colored book. When I accepted it, I saw that it was a worn-out Bible with bent corners, breaking spine and doodles on the cover.

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Before I managed to say anything, the stranger had already gone back into the cafeteria. I was bewildered and unable to process what had just happened out of nowhere for a minute or so. When I flipped through the metallic silver-edged pages, I was amazed to find what was inside. It was obvious that a lot of these notes were written with the closest writing tool available to the reader, as it varied between pencil, pen, highlighter, marker, sharpie and even crayon. People really had made use of it. When I got home that day, I flipped through the sharing Bible again. Reading the comments, I realized that people were not only taking notes for themselves, but also to help the future readers comprehend the passage or learn what to gain from its meaning.

I decided to continue this chain. Because so many people had read and written in this Bible previously, there was hardly any room for me to write notes of my own. So, as I read, I highlighted verses in different-colored highlighters and made a key on the back inside cover. I assigned each color with a way that verse had helped me. Blue for depression, pink for relationships friend or romantic , yellow for anxiety, green for guilt, red for anger and purple for faith. With this, I was not only able to keep a vivid memory and meaning behind each passage and how it helped me through that specific challenge in life, but I believe it could help someone in the future.

I brought this Bible to school with me every day in case I needed a reference or wanted to read in between classes. A few weeks after receiving the sharing Bible, I found who would be its next owner. I was at a Trojans for Christ meeting, a group of middle school students that would meet before school on Fridays to worship and pray together, and I noticed a girl in the same grade as me.

She seemed like your average happy middle schooler, bouncing around from the doughnuts we got at the meeting and laughing with her friends. However, something told me she needed help with something. Without hesitation, I got the Bible out of my bag and handed it to her. We have to change attitudes that lead to violence. Just as violence grows, love grows. In a world where violence is all around us—in the news, schools, communities, entertainment, etc. We asked students to cite examples of violence and tell what actions they are taking or could take to promote peace.

With all the strength in my arm, I furiously slammed the door. On the other side, my sister was almost as mad as I was. In my opinion, she deserved getting hurt. Later, as I lay on my bed, I regretted my actions and thought about steps I could take to promote peace.

The pope gives me a good direction: he tells us to take a clear stand for creative and active nonviolence.

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  5. I like that word, creative. Thinking back to my conflict with my sister, I realize that taking a nonviolent stand would have made me so much happier. If I had offered to do the dishes for her, I would be promoting peace! Our world is full of violence. There are people dying from drug overdoses, shootings, gang-related issues and war. One way to bring peace is by praying.

    We need to pray every day for peace—in our hearts, in our families, in our schools, communities, churches and the entire world.

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    I think of all the Christians in the Middle Eastern countries who are dying for their faith. These Christians risk their lives to bring the message of peace and nonviolence to those in the Middle East. I also worry about the nuclear standoff that we have with North Korea. I pray that our country will find a peaceful solution to this issue.

    Another thing that bothers me is the escalation of shootings in our country. We need to pray for all those mourning the loss of loved ones. They are in desperate need of peace. Before we can achieve peace on an international level, we must work toward attaining peace in our daily relationships with those closest to us. I will probably never get a chance to put my life on the line like the Christians in the Middle East. I pray that my school never experiences a school shooting, but nonetheless, I can take a stand for peace and nonviolence every day.

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    I can show my convictions in the small things I do each day. Respecting my parents is promoting peace. Helping out with chores in my house and avoiding conflict with my sister are definite ways to promote peace. At school, the way I interact with my peers will influence the younger students in our school. I can also show interest and support the local organizations in my community that work for peace: our local police officers, AA and other organizations that work towards bringing peace to those who are trapped in a cycle of violence.

    Even though our efforts might seem small and insignificant, we are actively working for peace. As we strive for peace, we must remember how important forgiveness is. When we forgive, we can learn to trust. Every little block of peace will help build the foundation for future generations. Ariana Avalos, an eighth-grader at St. I was born to an immigrant father and first-generation Mexican-American mother. I lived in a neighborhood that was OK until my house got robbed and my parents decided to move.

    Since then, I was raised in a small town where no major violence was committed. I had no idea what it was like to lose a sister, a brother, a mom, or dad, or best friend to a shooting. But my dad knew. He knew what it was like to be surrounded by gangs and shootings and innocent people being killed, and it could start simply from a good person going down the wrong path and getting lost in the madness.

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