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US fentanyl crisis could end opium era in Mexico: 'the only crop that paid’
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Despite the differences, female criminality reflects the general patterns of crime and its changes. It acts as a subsystem of general crime and is organically linked with it. Discussing female criminality, we cannot stop mentioning their lives after being convicted. American prisons detain more people than any other country in the world. Overview of the sources shows that the most relevant to the United States prison system are issues of adaptation of convicts in prison, serving a sentence gender issues, as well as racial and ethnic confrontation in prisons.

It should be noted that scientists are actively studying the process of adaptation and adaptive behavior of inmates in prisons. Analyzing the essence of this phenomenon, D. Clemmer does not consider it as an absolute force, and connects it with the prison rules, regulations, and value orientations.

Hence, he concludes different ability to adapt to prison. Clemmer believes that depending on the values of the prison there are differences among prisoners in the degree of adaptation to the prison subculture. Criminologist G. Sykes found that in prison interests in maintaining control over most of the prisoners can match between administration and prison leaders.

Irwin and D. Cressey were studying causes of the difficulties that raised in neutralizing the negative effects of adaptation due to the influence of different value orientations in the criminal groups in prison. Analyzing the impact of different values on the behavior of prisoners, J. Galtung tries to uncover the typical reaction of prisoners to the ratio of the prison subculture. The author notes that the prisoner is actively seeking contact with other prisoners, and stresses the importance of mutual solidarity. Violence is defined as: 1 the use of physical force to someone; 2 the use of force, forced impact on someone, something; 3 the harassment, abuse of power, lawless use of force.

Criminal behavior of women has always been perceived as a less serious issue than male criminal behavior. Historically, females tend to commit minor crimes and have amounted only a small quantity of the overall number of offenders. Ten though women remain a relatively small amount of all prisoners, there is a trend in rising amount of female offenders, their participation in crimes connected with violent, and have inhibited the increase of gender-specific programs addressing the problem.

During , in the whole country, law enforcement made 12,, arrests traffic violations are not included , In general, female delinquency caseload raised at an average rate of 2 percent per year between and , while the average rate increased for less than 1 percent per year for males. The number of female convicts increased by In same period, the male inmate population declined for 4.

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There are several theories that justify the backlog of female criminality to male criminality. Most of them are of historical interest only. Quetelet explained less criminality of women not only by their physical weakness, but also by the detachment from public life, closed in a circle of family responsibilities. However, with the inclusion of more women in public life and professional activities, as well as in periods of rising crime, the proportion of female crime in the general mass has always remained small. Another explanation for this phenomenon has been suggested by representatives of the anthropological school C.

Job opportunities can be created for both the skilled and unskilled in society to prevent the high number of young men who can easily get involved in crime.

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The wages paid to young employees should be attractive so that they do not get tempted to join illegal activities such as selling dangerous drugs. The government should focus on economic growth t o eliminate unemployment issues. Once the economy grows at a significantly high rate, it corresponds directly to increasing jobs. The government should also consider changing the National Labour Act to control companies from paying low wages and unemployment. The methods used in advertising vacancies should be regulated.

The record of unemployed people and their skills should be readily available for companies and industries that are employing. The young people should be given sufficient training and education to be able to fit in the labor market. They should also be equipped with more significant professional and practical skills that can benefit them after they have been laid off from a job.

The government can also fund projects initiated by the youth because this is a way of creating jobs in the society. Once the rate of unemployment has been resolved, the government and other social institutions like schools and colleges should inform the young people on the effects of crime in society.

Schools and colleges have a more significant opportunity to discuss matters of criminology to young people before they complete their education. This leaves them equipped and ready to face the challenges of employment and unemployment. The government should realize that unemployment has a direct impact on crime and find solutions to the problem.

Identifying the effect of unemployment on crime.

Journal of Law and Economics, 44 1 April : p. Weatherburn, Don.

Crime As A Social Problem: How To Write An Essay?

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Hi there! But they have made no attempt to arrest the vigilantes, even though most of them openly carry illegal assault rifles.

Critics say rival gangs often infiltrated the ranks of community police forces. And time after time, outnumbered soldiers do not intervene, in part because they are afraid of opening fire on civilians. Many had expected violence to taper off in Guerrero as synthetic opioids such as fentanyl knocked the bottom out of the opium market that had fed organised crime groups in the state.

But it appears a new round of violence is starting, pitting warring gangs against vigilante squads fighting over fuel theft, gold mines and routes for precursor chemicals. Thousands have been displaced by the fighting, and the toxic mix of cartels, hired killers and vigilantes and state forces have essentially neutralised the Mexican military, forcing troops into the role of mere spectators or, worse, hostages.

Violent Crime and Youngsters

Adame is a far cry from the vigilante leaders of past years — townsfolk who armed themselves with shotguns and single-shot rifles to defend their towns from drug cartels. His son carries a pistol with carved silver handgrips. Such groups are increasingly powerful and willing to challenge the armed forces.

Salvador Alanis, a strategist and spokesman for the FUPCEG, said the group had as many as 9, men under arms in a string of towns it controlled, outnumbering the Mexican army in the state. While most of the vigilante forces are recruited from local men, Alanis said his group also employed about gunmen trained to kill with the aim of taking over towns.

- The Washington Post

And as it is ever more difficult to distinguish the vigilantes from the cartels, the cartels also are growing bolder. With soldiers standing by as towns are taken over, the conflicts in some areas are becoming almost medieval. Residents of the town of Chichihualco have dug trenches across the highway leading to the FUPCEG stronghold in the village of Filo de Caballos because Alanis has repeatedly threatened to take over their city.

essay on crime and violence Essay on crime and violence
essay on crime and violence Essay on crime and violence
essay on crime and violence Essay on crime and violence
essay on crime and violence Essay on crime and violence
essay on crime and violence Essay on crime and violence

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