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Each student must have a school counselor or another administrative designee provide verification information required for the GHP online application. It is important that students discuss the recommendation requests with their teachers before submitting their names within the online application. A correct email address is needed for both persons completing the recommendation and verification portion of the GHP online application.

It is best if each person is anticipating this request. The transcript s must include an explanation of the school's grading system and include grades from the most recent school term. Mathematics and science semifinalists invited to the state interview must bring a copy originals are not required of additional PSAT, SAT, ACT test scores to the state interviews if they were received after the application deadline. Semifinalist Notification Applications will be reviewed by college faculty, high school teachers, and GHP program staff.

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All admission decisions invitation to interview, acceptance, etc. Semifinalists are those students who have been selected to attend the state level interviews. These students have been nominated by their district or private school, have successfully completed the application process, have had their online applications scored, and have obtained an application score that moves them to semifinalist status. Writing is no longer just for the Humanities major; communication is interdisciplinary.

For example, I was just accepted into medical school. Application essays are about setting yourself apart and showing true creativity. An essay that does not fit a prompt or was forced into a prompt is obvious and will be marked down compared to an eloquent and outstanding essay that engages a reader. College admissions is not done merely on merit anymore. There are affirmative action considerations, geographic considerations, and the like.

I do not agree with this, but that is the way it is. In my opinion, essays are just an excuse to apply subjective criteria. Why should an essay count for more than 4 years of work. Obviously, it shouldn't. The college doesn't even really know whether a good essay was written by the applicant. The fact your kid, with his fine record, was rejected shows that the process has in many ways become a farce. I suspect many were accepted that have a record nowhere near as good as your son's. You have no choice but to move on.

Last year, my son had a SAT, and 14 AP courses, yet was rejected at many schools, who admitted kids with far less impressive records. I had my son, who did not have much in the way of ECs, apply to schools in England, where they go basically by hard data. I figured he should play in a game where the rules favored him.

In your case, your son had good ECs as well. For those students who weren't selected for Honors -- what is your impression of the "intellectual-ness" of the regular courses, residence hall life, etc.? Put another way, have you heard any comparisons of, say, the level of discussion and expectations in Honors classes -vs- regular courses? Class size, motivation levels, types of assessment written answers -vs- multiple choice , anything else? Onetogo2 replies 2 threads Registered User Junior Member.

April Regardless of honors acceptance both your S and D get Presidential scholarships at UK which cover full tuition right? Somebody with his stats should definitely get in, even with an average essay the fact he is a STEM student should be taken in consideration. I had put University of Kentucky on the list where my junior hs student should apply next year. I thought he would "try" for the Otis Singletary scholarship. Also from my research, I would be comfortable if he was in the honors college but I am not sure if I would be okay if he was not.

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From what is written on this thread, do you think it would be even worth spending the time and application fee for him to apply? Can you DS apply to the honors college after his first year? I know at most schools you can. Just a thought? Both twins qualified for the Presidential scholarship which covers tuition, fees, room and limited board. If it was a strict meritocracy, more than half the HC would be from the Louisville area.

I agree with your concerns about your son enrolling in the "university at large", especially if he is not naturally aggressive about finding and pursuing opportunities. Don't expect much in terms of merit scholarships unless he is NMF I heard all the Singletary scholars this year had already qualified for the Presidential scholarhsip as NMFs. However, in my mind, the main advantages of the HC are in easing the transition and making new friends during freshman year.

For anyone still interested in this thread, both my twins have decided to decline the Presidential scholarships and accept generous offers to other universities. For a variety of reasons, neither will attend UK next fall. My first 2 sons were NMFs so I had different opportunities for them for merit scholarships. S3 is not, although he is as bright as the other 2 so I have been "researching" possible schools where he might get a scholarship so he won't be in a lot of debt after graduation.

From your information, I will take Univ.

Faculty Selected for 2015 Governor's Honors Academy at FSU

Good luck to your twins. This spring break, over students and faculty members will travel to various locations around the world to spend time serving others. Click here to view trip placements in order to pray for, or support, a specific student or team. These students will now submit essays in the hopes of becoming finalists and earning scholarship money. Finalists will be announced in February October 8, Sixth grade students Anne Bradley Maxwell, Elizabeth Barrett, Fiona Callahan, and Caroline Stickney teamed up to create a service project challenge for the Wesleyan middle school this fall.

For several years, Anne Bradley has asked friends to donate money to clean water charities instead of giving her birthday presents. This year, for her twelfth birthday, she chose to partner with Shoe Crew Water. View Photo Gallery.

South Summit High School

The Jefferson Foundation seeks high school seniors who possess exceptional ability in leadership and scholarship and who show promise of making a significant contribution to the University of Virginia community as students and to society at large as graduates. In addition to his outstanding academic record and membership in numerous honor societies, Andy is president of the Honor Council, captain of the math and science bowl teams, and a four-year member of the cross-country and soccer teams. If awarded, the Jefferson scholarship covers the entire four-year cost of attendance at the University of Virginia and provides unique enrichment and travel opportunities.

Andy will now complete a rigorous application process including writing essays, securing recommendations, and potentially interviewing with the scholarship selection committee. Please congratulate Andy and his family for this honor and wish him well in his quest to become a Jefferson Scholar. This fall, Wesleyan School announced it has partnered with the Center for Civil and Human Rights, located in downtown Atlanta, to create customized learning experiences for students in and outside of the classroom.

Governor’s Honors Academy

This partnership will provide students and teachers access to the Center for field trips that will engage self-discovery about areas of civil and human rights. Additionally, a staff member at the center is available to share her expertise in the classroom alongside teachers and bring the Center experience to Wesleyan. October 2, Lower school art teacher Elizabeth Ables is one of several teachers that leads an enrichment class offering for lower school students after school.

Able's class is focused on making clay pieces, to find out more read below: View Photo Gallery. Wesleyan kindergarten students kicked off the school year with Alphabet Bootcamp. This intensive daily immersion of all 26 letters during the first days of school helped reinforce the letters and their sounds for students. Did you catch The Marching Wolves drum line, Mr.

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