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King concluded that the Christian doctrine of love, operating through nonviolence, could be a powerful weapon for his people. In , King graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. In September of that year, he enrolled in doctoral studies at Boston University's School of Theology.

Coretta hesitated about dating a minister but was persuaded when King said she had all the qualities he desired in a wife. The couple married on June 18, King's father performed the ceremony at Coretta's family home in Marion, Alabama. They returned to Boston to complete their degrees.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

King was invited to preach in Montgomery, Alabama, at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, which had a history of civil rights activism. The pastor was retiring. King captivated the congregation and became the pastor in April Coretta was committed to her husband's work but was conflicted about her role. King wanted her to stay home with their four children: Yolanda, Martin, Dexter, and Bernice. Parks' Dec.

Ralph Abernathy, a close friend of King, contacted King and other clergymen to plan a citywide bus boycott.

The group drafted demands and stipulated that no African-American would ride the buses on Dec 5. That day, nearly 20, black citizens refused bus rides. Because blacks comprised 90 percent of the passengers, most buses were empty. When the boycott ended days later, Montgomery's transit system was nearly bankrupt.

Then on Dec. Buoyed by success, the movement's leaders met in January in Atlanta and formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC to coordinate nonviolent protests through black churches. King was elected president and held the post until his death. In early , King's first book, "Stride Toward Freedom," was published. While signing books in Harlem, New York, King was stabbed by a mentally ill black woman. As he recovered, he visited India's Gandhi Peace Foundation in February to refine his protest strategies.

King was thrown into jail, where he wrote "Letter From a Birmingham Jail ," affirming his peaceful philosophy. The brutal images galvanized the nation. Money poured in to support the protesters; white sympathizers joined demonstrations. By summer, thousands of public facilities nationwide were integrated, and companies began to hire blacks.

The resulting political climate pushed passage of civil rights legislation. On June 11, , President John F. Martin Luther King! Born to a Baptist father king had a very Christian upbringing. Therefore he…. Angelou, you worked with Martin Luther King, Jr.

What was Dr. King really like, personally? King was a human being. He had a sense of humor which was wonderful.

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It is very dangerous to make a person larger than life because, then, young…. Login Join. Open Document. What qualities does a good leader need to have people naturally follow them? Did they learn these qualities somewhere or it is inherent to who they are? Hours could be spent thinking about answers but the best definition of a good leader is to look at someone who has lead others and learn from them.

He was known as a quite man when he was in private meetings. Others around him would argue and get into heated discussions but he would calmly listen and give his final thoughts in a manner that was poised and refined without hatred towards anyone and offer a way to proceed forward. He had an amazing ability to get people to work together that would usually be fighting against each other for the same cause.

Martin made sure that he kept all relationships healthy and happy and not to offend anyone who he thought could help him in his cause. Trustworthy Martin Luther King, Jr. Those who followed him did so because they trusted that he could end discrimination and segregation.

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He set a precedent for those to follow by being not only trustworthy but teaching others the value of that quality so they could be leaders as well. He was a modern day Moses for the racially discriminated people of his time. With his natural leadership qualities it is only fitting that he soon found himself in that role. His leadership was not limited to speaking from a podium, i. He believed in the dignity and worth of all humans. During his post-graduate years, he became most influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his idea of non-violent resistance. Due to differences in situations, it was uncertain whether the same tactics would work, i.

Personality develops and grows with us but Dr. King never lost focus of his goals. One of his childhood goals was realised as he began his ministry and public speaking; that was to speak with eloquence and , " big words". He preached a social gospel to fulfil his dream of a just society for all: " The church must not try to be a state or an economic order, but remaining in its own role as conserver and voice of the state and the economic order.

In all its judgements it must avoid even the appearance of being one organisation competing for power and prestige among other organisations. Its peculiar power lies not in self-seeking but in searching for truth and justice and peace for all, in the spirit of Jesus Christ. For this, too, is part of being "first" by being "slave of all". King knew from personal experience and looking around at others that confidence needed to replace fear and pride replace humiliation.

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In order to do this there had to be desegregation in the southern states. Whites and coloured people should be able to sit anywhere on public transit on a first come first served basis. Blacks should not have to give up their seats to whites. White and coloured signs should come down from public washrooms and fountains. Blacks should be served at all lunch counters and restaurants and hotels. Other goals included programs for the poor and not just blacks but all, and work for the unemployed. All these gaols were to be obtained without violence, by peaceful civil disobedience.

He told his followers to meet violence with non-violence. He did not wish to have people hurt on either side of the issue. His hope was to redeem the white majority from the evil of their ways. There was desegregation in many areas in most southern states. Poverty was reduced and employment increased. King had attitudes that guided him. He believed in human dignity, individuality, and community. What was his attitude toward his fellow man? He believed in agape, a love for all men. He believed people are basically good and will change from their evil ways once they are shown and taught the difference.

MLK was courteous. As a child he would," turn the other cheek", showing even then a preference for non-violence. In all that he did, Martin Luther King, Jr. He did not fear physical harm or what men might say. But injustice angered him. Therefore, it is not wrong to stand opposed to such laws, or to find oneself in prison for disobeying immoral laws.

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  • His aim was not to break the law, but to change it. King was disappointed that most white churches did not support the cause of their black brothers and sisters.

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    • Although, statements by national agencies of various denominations denounced segregation, the local congregations often supported the status quo. In regard to perception, Dr. King was able to see the powerful combination of Christian love and non-violence.

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      He knew the importance of religion to the black southern community. He was able to accept and adopt wise counsel, i. From the pulpit he could reach the people. MLK was well aware of Negro stereotypes and in college made pains to avoid such labels being attached to him. As he grew in understanding of humanity he knew to speak to individuals on a one to one basis to get a truer picture of them and the situation. There were times when Dr. King found himself between two extremes.

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