Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos

Daria Bulanova, a PhD student in molecular biology at the University of Helsinki, noted in her survey response that she expected to pursue a career in industry.

Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos

Yet in the several months since she took the survey, Bulanova, who studies mutations in breast cancer, reveals that she has taken a degree turn towards academia. Through company visits and consultations, she has been able to assess the reality of taking on an industry job.

In retrospect, she also is uncertain that a job in a large company could satisfy her scientific curiosity. The survey tapped into an eclectic, global crowd. Respondents were roughly evenly distributed between Europe, Asia and North America, with some respondents living in South America, Africa and Australia. Interest in academia is widespread across the continents. Respondents in biology, chemistry and medicine — the most common areas of study for survey participants — reported similar career goals.

Dreams of academia endure even in parts of the world in which prospects seem daunting. Parisa Naeli, a PhD student in molecular genetics at Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran says that so far, her vision for the future exceeds her actual opportunities.

Job satisfaction: theories and definitions

I want to have a fully equipped lab and work on my dream project, but I don't have that. Naeli is keenly aware of the obstacles ahead. I could do a lot for people, like drug discovery. But I can't because I don't have the facilities. Enthusiasm for academia is not evident everywhere, however, and it certainly has not swept the Pennsylvania State Milton S. For his part, Nwokonko intends to buck the local trend and become an academic.

I want to be able to run my own lab and put out some quality research. Nwokonko took time to develop that particular ambition. He started out as a medical student but came to realize that he preferred research. A year-long internship at a biotechnology company sealed the deal. Nwokonko acknowledges that the really hard part might not be over yet. It takes a long time to get a foot in the door. Some who see professorships in their future are already thinking about back-up plans.

Sean Leonard, a year-old PhD student in bioinformatics at the University of Texas in Austin, states that he wants to give academia a try but is willing to consider other options. Before entering science, he spent four years in the US Army, which included deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Compared to combat, he notes, there is nothing especially scary about academia.

I'll be able to find something that's fulfilling. Although he could probably make more money as an army officer, Leonard affirms that he is committed to scientific research. Results showed that there is a relation between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction. Since the arrival of emotional intelligence in psychology literature, this structure was surveyed in different areas of job and workshop.

In fact, researchers have been always trying to achieve the relation of this structure with important effective causes in job success and finally job satisfaction. Victor Voorm says: job satisfaction is a mental achievement which a person has about his job and it is a doing of an organizational behavior.

Therefore, satisfaction and doing the job is created with completely different causes [ 9 , 11 ]. Ginsberg et al. Secondly the joy which people get from watching progress or doing some social responsibilities and reaching capabilities and personal tendencies. From outside satisfaction criteria for example job environment conditions, salary ranges and prizes, kind of job, the relation between employee and employer can be counted out [ 10 ].

TOP FIVE Contributors to Job Satisfaction

This principle, which high intelligence guarantees human success in life, has many exceptions. Person's success in society finally is upheld by criteria separate from intelligence and talent. Other characteristics which are considered as emotional intelligence are so important in person's success. Emotional intelligence includes many characteristics like self enjoyment and self motivation, strength and stabilization in face of defeat, hope not to give up, taking out depression and hopelessness in thinking, intimacy and having hope [ 5 ].

Charles Darvin first told about emotional intelligence. Decision-makers have with these results as a basic part of emotional intelligence Baron-en Walter Michael-an American psychologist- did a length research in on fouryear- old children. With emphasizing the resisting in face of postponing the results, he compared these two groups of children and reached interesting results and differences between two groups of teenagers which considering them can bold emotional intelligence in education and emotional flexibility.

The ones who resisted inside manners would do better in society as teenagers, be better people, face the life problems better, be less breakable in face of emotional pressures, challenge problems instead of running, are trustable, self-dependent and highly creative. But the one out of three children who grabbed the sweet had a little of these characteristics and were problematic from psychological perspective. They ran away from social interaction as teenagers. Problems would lead them easily to fail.

They indicated most people would do it better with high emotional intelligence because they understand their excitement and show it, they when is the time and can control their mood perfectly [ 1 ]. Pool in an article proclaimed excitement emotional health is a predictable factor for job and education success.

With studying on 27 students he understood that the marks average of students with higher range of emotional intelligence had a significance difference with students with lower degrees of emotional intelligence [ 3 ]. With studying high school students , Gangolsi and Peterson understood that students with higher emotional intelligence in school, home and their friends relationship and work environment experience less defeats than students with lower range of emotional intelligence [ 4 ].

Chris Watkin reached below results with emotional intelligence and job progress:. Using emotional intelligence makes job decision making process to develop and improve. Emotional intelligence has a direct effect on selling goods and people with high range of emotional intelligence do quite better in technical jobs [ 2 ].

This research focuses on job stress and job satisfaction and categorizes the employees in Healthcare Sector. Hence employees will be able to overcome the job stress in the organization and the peers and supervisors of the organization will focus on employees to solve their problems and issues which lead to job stress. This perspective states that satisfaction is determined by certain characteristics of the job and characteristics of the job environment itself. Job satisfaction represents a combination of positive or negative feelings that workers have towards their work.

Job satisfaction may serve as a good indicator of employee effectiveness. High levels of job satisfaction may be sign of a good emotional and mental state of employees. Several studies have tried to determine the link between stress and job satisfaction.

AFR – Top Graduate Employers

Job satisfaction and job stress are the two hot focuses in human resource management researches. The stress itself will be affected by number of stressors. Workload and professional uncertainty affects employee job satisfaction negatively. Nanjundeswaraswamy and D. Informants mentioned that such poor connection among colleagues creates a stressful working environment Loo-See Beh; In order to build a healthy relationship and to reduce misunderstanding among nurses, informants seek to have common interests with colleagues and regularly communicate to each other in the workplace.

There is positive relationship between workload and employee satisfaction and there is positive relationship between physical environment and employee satisfaction. Muttie ur Rehman, Rabbia Irum, Namra Tahi, Zara Ijaz, Uzma;, Noor and Ume Salma stated that "The economic condition of the country people most important in the determination of satisfaction that why in developing countries satisfaction result shows the positive relationship with stress. Those who work in a profession that is extremely demanding and sometimes unpredictable can be susceptible to feelings of uncertainty and reduced job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction of public health workers is also an essential part of ensuring high quality care in the programs they are employed in. We envisage to share the results of this study with the relevant authorities in the study area as well as with the provincial health departments to interpret the same in their own context and act upon accordingly. The message to the policy makers will not only point towards the actions to be taken but it will attempt to sensitize them on the subject of satisfaction of the public health workforce and its implications.

Dupre, K.

Factors involving the supportive management of personnel i. According to Shubhendu S. You can adapt to stressful situations and regain your sense of control by changing your expectations and attitude.

masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos
Masters thesis job satisfaction survey jos

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