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Studies have shown that children that interact with animals regularly have higher resistances to diseases and allergies promoting an overall, healthier existence. Apart from the effects on your immune systems, animals can also possess therapeutic value to many people.

Pros to adopting a dog from rescue or shelter

There are clinics that utilize pet therapy for certain patients and many report high rates of success. This comes in two groups, patients suffering from chronic disease like heart and cancer conditions are better able to cope with their situation when they have a pet companion.

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Pets also provide lots of enjoyment and comfort for persons in nursing homes. Most people living in a house of their own, or apartment complex that allows the keeping of animals, will have at least one pet. Many of us remember our child hood puppy or cat and still hold them in our hearts throughout our lives. In fact, we may not be able to imagine life without other animals and many of them have evolved, through our interaction, to depend on us as well.

Benefits of Pets Essay

There are some concerns with this practice though, generally, the problem is not extreme. Do you have a fancy for any particular dog breed? You can easily adopt a virtual dog puppy of the same breed.

You can adopt any puppy that you like, name them and watch these virtual dogs on your computer screen all day as they mimic the actions of a real dog to the T. From watching the screen as you log on to the site to licking the screen to show affection, the actions of a virtual dog are slowly bridging the gap between the real world and a simulation.

So much so that now virtual dog lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing any one virtual dog provider.


We receive a lot of emails each day asking us which is the best virtual dog service out there. After carefully analyzing most of the services in the market, we can vouch for the fact that most of them are very similar in their offerings. Here are some of the features that you can expect in a virtual dog service. In simple terms, virtual dog services are replicating every real life scenario that a pet parent can experience while owning and living with a pet dog. The most important motivator being the fact that you do not have to be responsible for the daily needs of a real living creature.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a pet | Jewish Rhode Island

The same goes true for feeding and medication. A virtual dog that is not fed on time can end up dying and one that is not healed will become sicker.

Eventually, it will die too. Virtual pet websites also try to familiarize you with the fact that you may have to part with your pet at some time or the other. Given the fact that the only interaction between your virtual pet and you is subject to the clicks that you make on your smartphone device or your laptop, how real does it feel?

Do you ever feel attached to the virtual simulation of your pet? Do you feel the pain that a pet parent experiences when the virtual dog gets sick?

Benefits of Pets

Well, the trend certainly does seem to indicate that you can. A quick glimpse on online virtual dog forums reveals thousands of emotional comments and well wishes if a virtual pet gets sick or is on the verge of bidding adieu to the virtual world. There have been incidences of people holding funerals for their dead Tamagotchi pets when it died due to neglect or just because the owner accidentally dropped the handheld device into water. A theory suggests that we are already living in an overpopulated world, the population of which is all set to cross 10 billion people by the year In such a world, owning a pet will soon become a luxury that only a select few have access to.

In such times, a virtual dog is the closest that you can get to the real thing. People are already accepting this fact and adapting to this change.

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It is low on maintenance and can supposedly trigger the same emotions that a real dog does. However, experts warn against this trend and opine that this can very well alter the way humans interact with real animals. Rohan believes that despite all the wonderful aspects of owning pets, they can be particularly limiting to college students. Adding a pet to the home requires you to master time management, save money for a rainy day and plan ahead.

It's harder to be spontaneous. The nature of college life can make it difficult for students to care for pets, too. Many students think they can get away with hiding their pets, but when they get caught, they either have to give up their animals or find new places to live. Students with certified emotional support animals generally do not face the same housing restrictions as those with pets.

Students should be realistic about the kinds of pets they want and which are actually feasible for their lifestyles. Guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, parakeets and fish can be excellent companions, too. As noted above, pets can be surprisingly expensive. Students need to be honest with themselves about their finances and spending habits.

Students can prepare for pet ownership by researching insurance policies and having emergency funds specifically for their pets if any medical problems should occur. Students may be surprised by the amount of room even small animals can take up. Kennels, terrariums, beds, bags of food and other necessary supplies can quickly fill a small dorm or studio.

One of the great things about going to college is the freedom it can afford students. But boarding an animal for overnight care is expensive! All too often, students get pets as soon as they get to school, without telling their families. A student may not always live alone or share a place with someone who is tolerant of a pet.

Having a pet can significantly limit housing and roommate options. While students may feel secure when living on pet-friendly campuses, once they graduate, they will have to find housing situations that accommodate both them and their pets. Most pets will live beyond the four-ish years students will spend in college. Caring for a pet is a long-term commitment that students need to plan for.

Students should consider things like relocating for work or additional schooling upon graduation, moving back home or moving into shared housing situations, as well as the financial feasibility of having a pet for many years. People tend to think of their pets as family, and relinquishing them to shelters because of poor planning can be a heartbreaking experience for both students and their pets.

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There are tons of ways students can get quality time with animals without the full commitment of owning them. Special family pets are irreplaceable, but student who find themselves missing their old friends can cuddle up with replica plushies. Companies such as Petsies and Cuddle Clones create custom stuffed animals from pet photos.

Animal therapy programs on campus have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Colleges partner with animal therapy organizations to bring pets trained in the art of calming overwhelmed students to school. Some schools have therapy dogs walking around common areas of campus at any given time. Others may offer special dog rooms that students can rent out for short periods, to give students some quiet time with furry friends. Colleges without full-time pet therapy programs may bring in teams of support animals during particularly stressful times of the school year, like midterms and finals, to give students a bit of relief.

Both Sailor and Rohan note that shelters and other animal-related organizations often need people to help out with various tasks.

pros and cons of owning a dog essay Pros and cons of owning a dog essay
pros and cons of owning a dog essay Pros and cons of owning a dog essay
pros and cons of owning a dog essay Pros and cons of owning a dog essay
pros and cons of owning a dog essay Pros and cons of owning a dog essay
pros and cons of owning a dog essay Pros and cons of owning a dog essay

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