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Not to be confused with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , which is a high anxiety disorder that causes bad thoughts and compulsions and what not. No, OCPD is when everything needs to be just so. It has to with order, rules and expectations and this causes anxiety when things are out of a certain expected order. This doesn't mean that Velma expects everything to be in a straight line, just that she expects things to be how she expects them to be. Out of all the gang though, having OCPD and choosing to solve mysteries for a living isn't actually a bad thing.

You see, while it is a disorder, Velma shows that having a certain order to things in life helps you understand what is out of place and is able to provide her with a keen view of the unseen clues. Velma is very adept at solving puzzles and putting together the pieces, due to her expectations of the order of things, and her constant anxiety that something is amiss.

Along with Fred, Velma is the primary case solver and leads the Mystery Inc. Her behavior clearly teaches to have a greater understanding of the world through having a less than flexible attitude towards it. It's an interesting conundrum, but if you think about it long enough it makes sense. While Shaggy shows hints of true Paranoid personality disorder, it's clearly not full blown as he generally trusts the rest of the Mystery Inc. He always feels like they are dragging him into a situation he doesn't want to be in, and expresses this through incessant whining supported by his sidekick, Scooby.

However, at the root Shaggy doesn't suffer from any clear mental disorder. Instead, he's just a paranoid pothead who is about as brave as a wet paper bag. He has extreme cowardice, which is not a side effect of the implied drug use. If anything, Shaggy is a lesson against drug use. His constant craving for "Scooby Snacks" and other weird snack foods because his first toy as a child was the garbage disposal paired with his constant fear of the world around him makes him the least effective of the gang.

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It's clear they keep him around for comic relief, and to keep the rest of them on their toes. Whether they would admit it or not, Shaggy's paranoid behavior enables the rest of the team to function properly. Most of his paranoia is inadvertently aimed at what we later find out to be the bad guy, or the reason the old boarded up possibly haunted house is shut down.

Through this constant craving for running away and snacks, Shaggy and Scooby often stumble upon a key in solving the case, further enabling the others to do their jobs. Unfortunately, Shaggy is generally too stupid due to loss of memory because of drug use to solve the case himself. While we can only assume the drug of choice is marijuana hence the snacking, the oft performed feats of great agility superhuman running and what not would imply something stronger is at use.

The lesson here is that drugs are bad, but when you are really scared they can help you run on water.

Scooby doo movie thesis

If you are a cartoon character. First off, Scooby thinks he's people. Not only does he occasionally walk upright and eat the same kind of strange concoctions that Shaggy consumes, but he talks. Scooby has a broken English speech pattern that every one can understand. Aside from thinking he is people, which is clear dissociative behavior, he also behaves as his nature sometimes, that of a dog. Walking on four legs, eating food intended for animals and not wearing clothes. Because when he's acting like people, he sometimes is known to don a disguise and walk upright.

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The thing that really set Scooby solidly in the loony bin in my mind is his extended family of nutty dogs that all think they are people. This shows a clear lack of proper parenting and probably some inconsistencies in the DNA. Something, somewhere is messed up with the Doo family. There are highly intelligent dogs, from southern ones to clowns and even a lion who thinks he's a dog who thinks he is people.

While not all of them are cowards like Scooby, all of them generally display the inability to cope with their chosen and set reality, and none of them lead a standard "dog's life. As an aside, the most frequently seen member of the Doo family was Scooby's nephew Scrappy-Doo. Scrappy is the complete opposite of Scooby, and even has a clear speech pattern. What he's not is a coward. He is brave and vigilant, to the point of showing signs of having a Napoleon inferiority complex, overcompensating for his short stature with irrationally brave behavior, constantly challenging the opinions and fortitude of others in his presence.

His overcompensation for his height and the cowardice of his uncle usually results in him dangling upside down, being held by a larger foe. This clearly teaches a lesson that trying to use brute force and impetuously rushing into battle without thinking just to show how tough you are is not always the best idea. But Scrappy was never one to heed the patient advice of others. The biggest lesson that this ragtag gang of socially, mentally and reality disabled kids taught us was that teamwork was important. Not only teamwork, but the combination of different personalities within a similar situation.

At least, that kind of behavior helped them solve mysteries that usually involved some hunched over old guy wearing a glowing mask trying to make a profit or prohibit some land from being sold. When it came to cartoons, this was one of the most important lessons learned, and none of them did teamwork better than the Mystery Inc.

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Theatrical feature films produced by or based upon works by Hanna-Barbera. Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! Films directed by Raja Gosnell.

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