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You can set any page to use this powerful landing page template by selecting it right in the WordPress page editor. Using our built in design tool you can create customizable buttons, styled lists, info boxes, quotes and more.

Creating a Landing Page inside your WordPress theme

All our themes come with a layered Photoshop file - which means if you hire a designer to customize your site further - you'll probably spend less money and your designer will be able to do their job easier. We've also ran all markup through validation tools to ensure web standards compliance.

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OptimizePress Wordpress Theme for Amazing Landing Page Conversion

Previous Theme Previous Theme. Unique Grind Features Responsive Design See It Responsive web designs are future ready for current and emerging mobile platforms, like the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets.

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  5. Customizable Front Page A new feature packed and highly customizable front page template. This just displays a header image where the default Thesis header used to reside. Obviously, you can insert any image you like here.

    How hard it’s to launch a product?

    Note: Threatening your readers may not be optimal…but its fun for demonstration purposes :. This one is pretty easy. We just add a couple lines of code to our custom.

    Creating A Squeeze Page With Thesis – Part One

    Caution: This is complicated stuff! If this is too confusing, you might just want to stick with what we have done already.

    6 Best WordPress Squeeze Page Builders for More Email Opt-ins

    The reason is that I wanted to keep this relatively straightforward, and adding a custom nav menu with separate styles from the rest of your blog is not exactly for the feint of heart or the coding impaired. Its not the most complicated thing you could ever do, but its complicated. That will create an exact replica of the Thesis default nav menu in terms of style, but it will contain your own links. In order to display this on the squeeze page, you need to place it in the function we wrote for our custom squeeze nav menu:.

    That seems pretty straightforward, but here is the tricky part. In that case, you will need to designate specific nav menu CSS stylings just for your squeeze page. Luckily, Thesis makes this much easier.

    Thesis Squeeze and Landing Pages

    You still have to write all of the custom css, but we can easily set it to apply only to the squeeze page. In order to do this, go back into your WordPress admin and edit the page we created at the beginning of this whole project. This allows you to designate custom styles for just the squeeze page. This will allow you to style the nav menu for just the squeeze page.

    Some other templates

    For that matter, you could style anything you want for just the squeeze page. The level of sickness you can achieve here is really only limited by your imagination. Finally, if you want to center the nav menu to match the rest of your squeeze page assuming yours is centered like mine , that might be the trickiest part of all.

    squeeze page with thesis theme Squeeze page with thesis theme
    squeeze page with thesis theme Squeeze page with thesis theme
    squeeze page with thesis theme Squeeze page with thesis theme
    squeeze page with thesis theme Squeeze page with thesis theme
    squeeze page with thesis theme Squeeze page with thesis theme

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