The book thief essay thesis

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The Power Of Words In The Book Thief

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The Book Thief: A Summary For Classroom Use (Warning: Spoilers)

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Perhaps then the guilt would not have been so heavy.

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He also feels guilty because he endangered the life of a dear friend, Walter Kugler, who helped Max find a family to live in. Max feels guilty because he knows he is putting the Hubermanns in great danger by living in their basement. The Hubermanns barely have enough to eat with three people, so Max also feels guilty for taking what little food they have. Max, living in a cruel Nazi Germany, bears the guilt of a position where almost all of his decisions will hurt or affect anyone around him. The Hubermanns are also plagued with shame because society consistently tells them they should feel guilty and ashamed for doing the right thing.

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He feels derelict for not staying with his mother during the air raid, thus feeling blameworthy for putting himself before his mother. Michael Holtzapfel has been through the death of his brother and the maimed and dead bodies of the war, and yet still wants to live, hating himself for it. Mein Kampf , by Adolf Hitler, inspires the lives of many hate-filled individuals but also saved the life of Max Vandenburg. Now, instead of Hitler holding and possessing Hitler, Max is holding Hitler in his hand, escaping near death and receiving a second chance.

Max is traveling to a new, strange, world, with only the familiarity of the power of Hitler and his book Mein Kampf.

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Was it when she first set eyes on the room with shelves and shelves of them? Max, however, also has his feelings of responsibility. Guilt in The Book Thief is an idea many characters fight with, and many characters like Michael Holzapfel give in to the guilt of wanting to live. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Knowing this, Liesel, Max and Hans all display a great amount of courage towards other Germans, Death itself as well as Hitler. Liesel expresses her boldness when she sees Max walking with the rest of the Jews, and decides to acknowledge and speak to him. Max and Liesel created such a strong friendship, that he had given her a story that he created, and she had read to him while he was in their basement. She told Max about her past experiences, about the books that she stole, about the nightmares she had and Max returned the favor by sharing his hallucinations, books and nightmares with Liesel.

Knowing that the soldiers were watching, she still grabbed ahold of him, wanting to let him know she was there. Max attempted to get rid of her, for fear that she would get in trouble but she would not leave his side. The soldier, seeing Liesel once again talking to Max, pulled out a whip and whipped both Max and Liesel. Liesel was determined to be with Max, and this act of bravery shows her courage towards the soldier that was threatening to punish her severely.

The courage she expresses shows that people can be brave enough to do what is considered crazy things, if motivated enough. He dreamt that he would finally one day be able to physically beat Hitler down, the way Hitler had done to him and his people. Max shows great bravery in the face of struggle and even Death. As a child, Max had this idea that when he died, he did not want to die a quiet death. Max has shown bravery in the face of many struggles.

He had enough courage to travel on his own to seek out Hans Hubermann, with the very likely risk that Germans would catch him. This was something he used to always say to Liesel when he was living in her basement, so he knew that Liesel would appreciate him saying it to her. He knew that the soldiers would punish him with a whip if he did not stop talking to Liesel, but after everything she had done for him, and the friendship that the two had, he could not even think to ignore her.

The Book Thief Essay ⇒ Free Book Summary

Max showed courage against death, as well as a Nazi soldier which shows that fearless individuals still exist, and they will do whatever they need to in order to stand up for themselves and those they care about. These individuals also give hope to others around them, by not being afraid and by doing what is right. Hans Hubermann is a man that knows what is right and wrong. The reader learns very early that he has a good head on his shoulder by the decisions he makes with his life.

Hans shows great courage when he makes the decision of not being a supporter of Hitler.

The book thief essay conclusion

Hans Hubermann belonged to the 10 percent of Germans that did not show unflinching support for Adolf Hitler Zusak, He knew what was going on, and he knew that it was wrong. It was very dangerous for Hans not to show support to Hitler.

It could ultimately cost him his life, and the life of his family but he chose to boldly stand by his opinion, and not change it for the sake of being a part of the majority. Although he had to go through many hardships as a result of his decision, Hans had the courage to stand by his choices, and because of this it shows that humans are, in fact, capable of doing the right thing.

Even if the majority of people are following something that is wrong, there are a few individuals that will be able to stand up and voice their opinion over it, regardless of the consequences. Through characters showing compassion, feeling happiness and expressing their courage, it allows the reader to feel hope that each of those characters will be alright. Hope is something that can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to look for it.

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the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis
the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis
the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis
the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis
the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis
the book thief essay thesis The book thief essay thesis

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