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New telecommunication networks support a variety of services, much different from traditional telephony. Each service has its own so called load profile, which means that the amount of capacity needed to complete a service varies. Author : Jose Mairton B. Abstract : Future cellular networks, the so-called 5G, are expected to provide explosive data volumes and data rates. To meet such a demand, the research communities are investigating new wireless transmission technologies. One of the most promising candidates is in-band full-duplex communications.

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For free. Show downloadable dissertations only. Some of our ongoing research projects are as follows:. This is a breakthrough in communications system design, since the multipath reflection in wireless channel, traditionally a pitfall of wireless communications, can be turned into a benefit, in increasing the wireless link capacity.

Research is being conducted into novel transmission and multiple access signalling techniques with the aim of dramatically improving the reliability, throughput, and power efficiency of wireless downlink packet data services. Potential applications of the project outcomes are in future 4G cellular mobile networks. In particular, by exploring the space resource of multiple users, we develop cooperative multi-user communication techniques where multiple users or multiple base stations cooperate with each other to transmit their information.

This can thoroughly exploit the space resource of multiple-users and user cooperation diversity in wireless networks to largely improve the reliability, and spectrum and power efficiency. Potential applications of the project outcomes are in future wireless systems, such as mobile broadband wireless access MBWA The increasing amount of power consumed by Internet routers is becoming a serious concern for router manufacturers and Internet Service Providers ISPs alike.

It is limiting the switching capacity router manufacturers can pack per unit space, and bloating operational expense for ISPs due to higher electricity bills and cooling costs. In this research project our aim is to develop innovative methods for energy reduction in Internet routers. We are aiming to develop new router architectures that employ more optics, optimise the use of components such as packet storage memories and interface speeds, and integrate emerging standards such as Energy Efficient Ethernet.

Networks for Environment Pollution Monitoring Exposure to air pollution is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory mortality, and exacerbate conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. Current systems for air pollution monitoring have very poor spatial resolution, and do not reflect actual exposures experienced by individuals.

In this project, we are building a system based on participatory sensor networks, whereby users with mobile phones contribute pollution data that is then collected centrally in real-time and displayed as a map. Alongside, we are developing tools that allow accurate estimation of personal exposure to air pollutants.

Our research will help gain an understanding of urban air pollution distribution, as well as benefit individuals in understanding their personal health risk index. Body-Area Networks for Healthcare Monitoring This research develops energy-efficient communication protocols for body-wearable wireless sensor devices to be used in pervasive medical monitoring.

PhD Telecommunication Engineering

Wearable wireless sensors can relieve this pressure by providing intelligent, non-intrusive, continuous monitoring at dramatically reduced cost, with round-the-clock diagnostic and intervention capability. Our work in this area is developing the highly energy-efficient, light-weight, flexible, and robust communication protocols that are an integral part of such a system. Reliable Communications for Vehicular Networks In order to reduce traffic accidents, effective solutions are required.

In such systems, equipment exists on board the vehicles as well as in road-side infrastructure.

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DSRC is the method of communication for this network. By using DSRC, it can also use positioning information from other nearby cars and road-side infrastructure to enhance its own position accuracy and availability. Quantum Communications Quantum Communications is an emerging cross-disciplinary field of growing global significance.

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Research into advanced quantum protocols is being pursued that will dictate the key operations of emerging quantum networks. Specifically, we are investigating the optimal quantum repeater protocols for a range of network architectures in which quantum information transfer through a multihop environment occurs.

We will also determine near-optimal versions of our protocols that will give engineers the ability to trade off quantum complexity with communication throughput.

New applications of quantum communications are also being researched that will bring enhanced security and communications advantages not possible in classical networks. Our work will result in new applications and services that will have a major impact on the ongoing global efforts to develop the quantum internet.

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The major themes in Photonics research are: Photonic fibre devices; Fibre based sensors; Planar photonic components and optical circuitry; and New photonic materials for sensing, display and difficult environments. Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures This work develops highly multiplexed fibre sensor systems for structural health monitoring and risk assessment of critical transport infrastructures. Fibre Ring Laser Based Intracavity Gas and Chemical Sensors Fibre laser based sensor systems have great potential for high sensitivity gas and chemical detection.

We develop fibre ring laser based sensor systems in collaboration with Tianjin University, China. In collaboration with researchers in Chemical Engineering and Industry Chemistry, we develop an optical fibre photoreactor system that would effectively allow for improved utilisation of photons by the semiconductor surface.

Thesis on telecommunication engineering
Thesis on telecommunication engineering
Thesis on telecommunication engineering
Thesis on telecommunication engineering
Thesis on telecommunication engineering
Thesis on telecommunication engineering

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